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The ArrayBufferView type describes a particular view on the contents of an ArrayBuffer's data.

Of note is that you may create multiple views into the same buffer, each looking at the buffer's contents starting at a particular offset. This makes it possible to set up views of different data types to read the contents of a buffer based on the types of data at specific offsets into the buffer.

Note: Typically, you'll instantiate one of the subclasses of this object instead of this base class. Those provide access to the data formatted using specific data types.


Attribute Type Description
buffer ArrayBuffer The buffer this view references. Read only.
byteLength unsigned long The length, in bytes, of the view. Read only.
byteOffset unsigned long The offset, in bytes, to the first byte of the view within the ArrayBuffer. Read only.

Typed array subclasses

The following subclasses provide buffer views allowing access to the data in specific data types:

Type Size Description Equivalent C type
Int8Array 1 8-bit twos complement signed integer signed char
Uint8Array 1 8-bit unsigned integer unsigned char
Int16Array 2 16-bit twos complement signed integer short
Uint16Array 2 16-bit unsigned integer unsigned short
Int32Array 4 32-bit twos complement signed integer int
Uint32Array 4 32-bit unsigned integer unsigned int
Float32Array 4 32-bit IEEE floating point number float
Float64Array 8 64-bit IEEE floating point number double

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