get TypedArray[@@species]

The TypedArray[@@species] accessor property returns the constructor of a typed array.


The species accessor property returns the default constructor for typed array objects. Subclass constructors may over-ride it to change the constructor assignment.


Species in ordinary objects

The species property returns the default constructor function, which is one of the typed array constructors for a given typed array object:

Int8Array[Symbol.species];    // function Int8Array()
Uint8Array[Symbol.species];   // function Uint8Array()
Float32Array[Symbol.species]; // function Float32Array()

Species in derived objects

In a derived collection object (e.g. your custom typed array MyTypedArray), the MyTypedArray species is the MyTypedArray constructor. However, you might want to overwrite this, in order to return a parent typed array object in your derived class methods:

class MyTypedArray extends Uint8Array {
  // Overwrite MyTypedArray species to the parent Uint8Array constructor
  static get [Symbol.species]() { return Uint8Array; }


ECMAScript Language Specification
# sec-get-%typedarray%-@@species

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