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The XRWebGLBinding interface is used to create layers that have a GPU backend.


XRWebGLBinding() Experimental

Creates a new XRWebGLBinding object for the specified XR session and WebGL rendering context.

Instance properties

XRWebGLBinding.nativeProjectionScaleFactor Read only Experimental

The scaleFactor that was passed in during the construction of the projection layer. The native buffer size is scaled by this number.

Instance methods

XRWebGLBinding.createCubeLayer() Experimental

Returns an XRCubeLayer object, which is a layer that renders directly from a cubemap, and projects it onto the inside faces of a cube.

XRWebGLBinding.createCylinderLayer() Experimental

Returns an XRCylinderLayer object which is a layer that takes up a curved rectangular space in the virtual environment.

XRWebGLBinding.createEquirectLayer() Experimental

Returns an XREquirectLayer object which is a layer that maps equirectangular coded data onto the inside of a sphere.

XRWebGLBinding.createProjectionLayer() Experimental

Returns an XRProjectionLayer object which is a layer that fills the entire view of the observer and is refreshed close to the device's native frame rate.

XRWebGLBinding.createQuadLayer() Experimental

Returns an XRQuadLayer object which is a two-dimensional object positioned and oriented in 3D space.

XRWebGLBinding.getDepthInformation() Experimental

Returns an XRWebGLDepthInformation object containing WebGL depth information.

XRWebGLBinding.getReflectionCubeMap() Experimental

Returns a WebGLTexture object containing a reflection cube map texture.

XRWebGLBinding.getSubImage() Experimental

Returns an XRWebGLSubImage object representing the WebGL texture to render.

XRWebGLBinding.getViewSubImage() Experimental

Returns an XRWebGLSubImage object representing the WebGL texture to render for an XRView.


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# XRWebGLBindingtype

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