GPURenderBundleEncoder: setVertexBuffer() method

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The setVertexBuffer() method of the GPURenderBundleEncoder interface sets or unsets the current GPUBuffer for the given slot that will provide vertex data for subsequent drawing commands.

Note: This method is functionally identical to its equivalent on GPURenderPassEncodersetVertexBuffer().


setVertexBuffer(slot, buffer, offset, size)



A number referencing the vertex buffer slot to set the vertex buffer for.


A GPUBuffer representing the buffer containing the vertex data to use for subsequent drawing commands, or null, in which case any previously-set buffer in the given slot is unset.

offset Optional

A number representing the offset, in bytes, into buffer where the vertex data begins. If omitted, offset defaults to 0.

size Optional

A number representing the size, in bytes, of the vertex data contained in buffer. If omitted, size defaults to the buffer's GPUBuffer.size - offset.

Return value

None (Undefined).


The following criteria must be met when calling setVertexBuffer(), otherwise a GPUValidationError is generated and the GPURenderBundleEncoder becomes invalid:

  • buffer's GPUBuffer.usage contains the GPUBufferUsage.VERTEX flag.
  • slot is less than the GPUDevice's maxVertexBuffers limit.
  • offset + size is less than or equal to the buffer's GPUBuffer.size.
  • offset is a multiple of 4.


Set vertex buffer

function recordRenderPass(passEncoder) {
  if (settings.dynamicOffsets) {
  } else {
  passEncoder.setVertexBuffer(0, vertexBuffer);
  passEncoder.setBindGroup(0, timeBindGroup);
  const dynamicOffsets = [0];
  for (let i = 0; i < numTriangles; ++i) {
    if (settings.dynamicOffsets) {
      dynamicOffsets[0] = i * alignedUniformBytes;
      passEncoder.setBindGroup(1, dynamicBindGroup, dynamicOffsets);
    } else {
      passEncoder.setBindGroup(1, bindGroups[i]);
    passEncoder.draw(3, 1, 0, 0);

The above snippet is taken from the WebGPU Samples Animometer example.

Unset vertex buffer

// Set vertex buffer in slot 0
passEncoder.setVertexBuffer(0, vertexBuffer);

// Later, unset vertex buffer in slot 0
passEncoder.setVertexBuffer(0, null);


# dom-gpurendercommandsmixin-setvertexbuffer

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