GPURenderBundleEncoder: finish() method

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The finish() method of the GPURenderBundleEncoder interface completes recording of the current render bundle command sequence, returning a GPURenderBundle object that can be passed into a GPURenderPassEncoder.executeBundles() call to execute those commands in a specific render pass.




descriptor Optional

An object containing the following properties:

label Optional

A string providing a label that can be used to identify the object, for example in GPUError messages or console warnings.

Return value

A GPURenderBundle object instance.


The following criteria must be met when calling finish(), otherwise a GPUValidationError is generated and the GPURenderBundleEncoder becomes invalid:

  • The GPURenderBundleEncoder is open (i.e. not already ended via a finish() call).
  • The debug stack for the current render pass is empty (i.e. no render pass debug group is currently open, as opened by pushDebugGroup()).


const renderBundleEncoder = device.createRenderBundleEncoder({
  colorFormats: [presentationFormat],
const renderBundle = renderBundleEncoder.finish();

The above snippet is taken from the WebGPU Samples Animometer example.


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