An object of type bookmarks.BookmarkTreeNode represents a node in the bookmark tree, where each node is a bookmark, a bookmark folder, or a separator. Child nodes are ordered by an index within their respective parent folders.


An object with the following properties:

children Optional

An array of bookmarks.BookmarkTreeNode objects which represent the node's children. The list is ordered in the list in which the children appear in the user interface. This field is omitted if the node isn't a folder.

dateAdded Optional

A number representing the creation date of the node in milliseconds since the epoch.

dateGroupModified Optional

A number representing the date and time the contents of this folder last changed, in milliseconds since the epoch.


A string which uniquely identifies the node. Each ID is unique within the user's profile and remains unchanged across browser restarts.

index Optional

A number which represents the zero-based position of this node within its parent folder, where zero represents the first entry.

Note: If you create or move multiple bookmarks, because the bookmarks.create() and bookmarks.move() methods are asynchronous, the requests may get processed in any order. Consequently, the value of each bookmark's index may change or be unknown until all the requests are completed. If the index associated with a bookmark matters to your extension, then – when creating or moving multiple bookmarks – the extension should wait for each bookmarks.create or bookmarks.move call to complete before creating or moving the next bookmark. Waiting ensures that the index associated with each bookmark is not affected by a create or move call executing concurrently while the original call is in progress.

parentId Optional

A string which specifies the ID of the parent folder. This property is not present in the root node.


A string which contains the text displayed for the node in menus and lists of bookmarks.

type Optional

A bookmarks.BookmarkTreeNodeType object indicating whether this is a bookmark, a folder, or a separator. Defaults to "bookmark" unless url is omitted, in which case it defaults to "folder".

unmodifiable Optional

A string as described by the type bookmarks.BookmarkTreeNodeUnmodifiable. Represents the reason that the node can't be changed. If the node can be changed, this is omitted.

url Optional

A string which represents the URL for the bookmark. If the node represents a folder, this property is omitted.

Browser compatibility

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Note: This API is based on Chromium's chrome.bookmarks API. This documentation is derived from bookmarks.json in the Chromium code.