Enables extensions to clear the data that is accumulated while the user is browsing.

In the browsingData API, browsing data is divided into types:

  • browser cache
  • cookies
  • downloads
  • history
  • local storage
  • plugin data
  • saved form data
  • saved passwords

You can use the browsingData.remove() function to remove any combination of these types. There are also dedicated functions to remove each particular type of data, such as removePasswords(), removeHistory() and so on.

All the browsingData.remove[X]() functions take a browsingData.RemovalOptions object, which you can use to control two further aspects of data removal:

  • how far back in time to remove data
  • whether to remove data only from normal web pages, or also from hosted web apps and add-ons. Note that this option is not yet supported in Firefox.

Finally, this API gives you a browsingData.settings() function that gives you the current value of the settings for the browser's built-in "Clear History" feature.

To use this API you must have the "browsingData" API permission.


Object used to specify the type of data to remove: for example, history, downloads, passwords, and so on.
Object used to specify how far back in time to remove data, and whether to remove data added through normal web browsing, by hosted apps, or by add-ons.


Removes browsing data for the data types specified.
Clears the browser's cache.
Removes cookies.
Removes the list of downloaded files.
Clears saved form data.
Clears the browser's history.
Clears any local storage created by websites.
Clears saved passwords.
Clears data associated with plugins.
Gets the current value of settings in the browser's "Clear History" feature.

Browser compatibility

ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
DataTypeSet.cache Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.cookies Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.downloads Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.fileSystems Yes No No No Yes
DataTypeSet.formData Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.history Yes No5356 Yes
DataTypeSet.indexedDB Yes No57 No Yes
DataTypeSet.localStorage Yes No57 No Yes
DataTypeSet.passwords Yes No53 No Yes
DataTypeSet.pluginData Yes No53 No Yes
DataTypeSet.serverBoundCertificates Yes No No No Yes
DataTypeSet.serviceWorkers Yes No53 No Yes
RemovalOptions.hostnames No No56 No No
RemovalOptions.originTypes Yes No No No Yes
RemovalOptions.since Yes No531561 Yes
remove Yes No532572 Yes
removeCache Yes No533573 Yes
removeCookies Yes No5356 Yes
removeDownloads Yes No5357 Yes
removeFormData Yes No5357 Yes
removeHistory Yes No534 No5 Yes
removeLocalStorage Yes No573 No6 Yes
removePasswords Yes No53 No7 Yes
removePluginData Yes No53 No Yes
settings Yes No5356 Yes

1. since is not supported with the following data types: cache, indexedDB, localStorage, and serviceWorkers.

2. Specifying dataTypes.history will also remove download history and service workers.

3. removalOptions.since is not supported.

4. This function also removes download history and service workers.

5. See bug 1363010. browser.history.remove(options, {history:true}) can be used instead.

6. The method is defined but returns a rejected promise.

7. See bug 1363012.

Example extensions


This API is based on Chromium's chrome.browsingData API.

Microsoft Edge compatibility data is supplied by Microsoft Corporation and is included here under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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