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The Open Web Apps project enables developers to create rich HTML5 app experiences that run across multiple devices and form factors (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) using Web standards and open technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, it aims to create a rich distributed ecosystem of HTML5 app stores, including a marketplace operated by Mozilla. Mozilla aims to put the developer back in control of every aspect of the app experience — from easy development to distribution to direct customer relationship management.

Apps are built using standard Web technologies with additional metadata that allows the User Agent to discover, install, launch, and grant them additional privileges.

Uygulama geliştiricileri için dökümanlar

Web Uygulaması Temelleri
Uygulama oluşturmak, yüklemek ve cihazlar üzerinde çalışacak duruma getirmek için kılavuzlar ve referanslar.
Kendi Web Uygulamanızı Tasarlayın
Uygulama ve arayüz tasarımına ilişkin bilgiler.
Web Uygulaması Geliştirme
DOM ve WebAPI olmak üzere, çekirdek uygulama teknolojileri hakkında bilgi.
Web Uygulamanızı Yayınlayın
Guides to effectively publishing your app on the Firefox Marketplace, including documentation about taking advantage of features such as in-app payments.
An assortment of advanced technical articles about how apps are installed, differences in functionality across platforms, and more.
Sık Sorulan Sorular
Açık Web Uygulamaları ve Firefox Marketplace ile ilgili sıkça sorulan sorular. Aradığınız cevabı burada bulun.

Tümünü Gör...

Tools for app developers
Technology reference documentation
Getting help from the community

If you still aren't sure how to do what you're trying to get done, feel free to join the conversation!

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