Global Objects

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이 장은 모든 JavaScript 1.5 개체(object)를 메소드, 속성과 함께 문서로 기록합니다.

여기서 용어 "global objects"를 global object 와 혼동하지 마세요. 여기서, global objects는 global scope에서 objects 를 참조합니다. global object 자체는 global scope에서 this로 접근할 수 있습니다.

Standard objects (by category)

Value properties

These global properties return a simple value; they have no properties or methods.

Function properties

These global functions—functions which are called globally rather than on an object—directly return their results to the caller.

Fundamental objects

These are the fundamental, basic objects upon which all other objects are based. This includes objects that represent general objects, functions, and errors.

Numbers and dates

These are the base objects representing numbers, dates, and mathematical calculations.

Text processing

These objects represent strings and support manipulating them.

Indexed collections

These objects represent collections of data which are ordered by an index value. This includes (typed) arrays and array-like constructs.

Keyed collections

These objects represent collections which use keys; these contain elements which are iterable in the order of insertion.

Vector collections

SIMD vector data types are objects where data is arranged into lanes.

Structured data

These objects represent and interact with structured data buffers and data coded using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Control abstraction objects



Additions to the ECMAScript core for language-sensitive functionalities.

Non-standard objects


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