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  • RDP Inspector: An extension for Firefox Developer Tools

    RDP Inspector is a Firefox extension that intercepts the Remote Debugging Protocol (RDP) and allows inspection of all data sent and received. This extension is useful for anyone who wants to extend native developer tools in Firefox by implementing new remotable features or for those who want to learn more ...

  • ES6 In Depth: Iterators and the for-of loop

    ES6 In Depth is a series on new features being added to the JavaScript programming language in the 6th Edition of the ECMAScript standard, ES6 for short. How do you loop over the elements of an array? When JavaScript was introduced, twenty years ago, you would do it like this: ...

  • Creating a mobile app from a simple HTML site: Part 3

    Adding a server to separate the app from its data This is the third part in our series of posts about creating a dynamic mobile app from a simple HTML site. In Part 2 we separated the data from its visual representation, but the data is still contained inside the ...

  • WiFi Debugging for Firefox OS

    I am excited to announce that we’re now shipping WiFi debugging for Firefox OS! It’s available in Firefox OS 3.0 / master with Firefox Nightly on desktop. WiFi debugging allows WebIDE to connect to your Firefox OS device via your local WiFi network instead of a USB cable. The connection ...

  • Firefox OS, Animations, & the Dark Cubic-Bezier of the Soul

    I’ve been using Firefox OS daily for a couple of years now (wow, time flies!). While performance has steadily improved with efforts like Project Silk, I’ve often noticed delays in the user interface. I assumed the delays were because the hardware was well below the “flagship” hardware I’ve become accustomed ...

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