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  • What do you want from your DevTools?

    Every tool starts with an idea: “if I had this, then I could do that faster, better, or more easily.” The Firefox Developer Tools are built atop hundreds of those ideas, and many of them come from people in the web development community just like you. We collect those ideas ...

  • WebRTC in Firefox 38: Multistream and renegotiation

    Building on the JSEP (Javascript Session Establishment Protocol) engine rewrite introduced in 37, Firefox 38 now has support for multistream (multiple tracks of the same type in a single PeerConnection), and renegotiation (multiple offer/answer exchanges in a single PeerConnection). As usual with such things, there are caveats and limitations, but ...

  • Understanding the CSS box model for inline elements

    In a web page, every element is rendered as a rectangular box. The box model describes how the element’s content, padding, border, and margin determine the space occupied by the element and its relation to other elements in the page. Depending on the element’s display property, its box may be ...

  • How to make a browser app for Firefox OS

    Firefox OS is an operating system built on top of the Firefox web browser engine, which is called Gecko. A browser app on Firefox OS provides a user interface written with HTML5 technology and manages web page browsing using the Browser API. It also manages tabbing, browsing history, bookmarks, and ...

  • Using the Firefox DevTools to Debug fetch() on GitHub

    Firefox Nightly recently added preliminary support for Fetch, a modern, Promise-based replacement for XMLHttpRequest (XHR). Our initial work supported most of the Fetch Specification, but not quite all of it. Specifically, when Fetch first appeared in Nightly, we hadn’t yet implemented serializing and de-serializing of FormData objects. GitHub was already ...

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