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Ajouter des écouteurs d'événement pour les différentes étapes d'une navigation. Une navigation se compose d'un cadre dans le navigateur passant d'une URL à l'autre, généralement (mais pas toujours) en réponse à une action de l'utilisateur comme cliquer sur un lien ou entrer une URL dans la barre d'adresse.

Compared with the webRequest API: navigations usually result in the browser making web requests, but the webRequest API is concerned with the lower-level view from the HTTP layer, while the webNavigation API is more concerned with the view from the browser UI itself.

Each event corresponds to a particular stage in the navigation. The sequence of events is like this:

Each navigation is a URL transition in a particular browser frame. The browser frame is identified by a tab ID and a frame ID. The frame may be the top-level browsing context in the tab, or may be a nested browsing context implemented as an iframe.

Each event's addListener() call accepts an optional filter parameter. The filter will specify one or more URL patterns, and the event will then only be fired for navigations in which the target URL matches one of the patterns.

The onCommitted event listener is passed two additional properties: a TransitionType indicating the cause of the navigation (for example, because the user clicked a link, or because the user selected a bookmark), and a TransitionQualifier providing further information about the navigation.

To use this API you need to have the "webNavigation" permission.


Cause of the navigation: for example, the user clicked a link, or typed an address, or clicked a bookmark.
Extra information about a transition.


Retrieves information about a particular frame. A frame may be the top-level frame in a tab or a nested iframe, and is uniquely identified by a tab ID and a frame ID.

Given a tab ID, retrieves information about all the frames it contains.



Fired when the browser is about to start a navigation event.

Fired when a navigation is committed. At least part of the new document has been received from the server and the browser has decided to switch to the new document.
Fired when the DOMContentLoaded event is fired in the page.
Fired when a document, including the resources it refers to, is completely loaded and initialized. This is equivalent to the DOM load event.
Fired when an error occurs and the navigation is aborted. This can happen if either a network error occurred, or the user aborted the navigation.
Fired when a new window, or a new tab in an existing window, is created to host a navigation: for example, if the user opens a link in a new tab.
Fired if the fragment identifier for a page is changed.

Fired when the contents of the tab is replaced by a different (usually previously pre-rendered) tab.

Fired when the page used the history API to update the URL displayed in the browser's location bar.

Compatibilité du navigateur

ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
TransitionQualifier Oui Non48 *48 *17
TransitionType Oui Non48 *48 *17
getAllFrames Oui Oui474817
getFrame Oui Oui474817
onBeforeNavigate Oui * Oui *45 *48 *17 *
onCommitted Oui * Oui *45 *48 *17 *
onCompleted Oui * Oui *45 *48 *17 *
onCreatedNavigationTarget Oui * Oui54 *54 *17 *
onDOMContentLoaded Oui * Oui *45 *48 *17 *
onErrorOccurred Oui * Oui *45 *48 *17 *
onHistoryStateUpdated Oui Oui *474817
onReferenceFragmentUpdated Oui * Oui *45 *48 *17 *
onTabReplaced Oui Oui45 *48 *17

Example extensions

Remerciements :

Cette API est basée sur l'API Chromium chrome.webNavigation. Cette documentation est dérivée de web_navigation.json dans le code de Chromium code.

Les données de compatibilité relatives à Microsoft Edge sont fournies par Microsoft Corporation et incluses ici sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 pour les États-Unis.

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