The createIIRFilter() method of the BaseAudioContext interface creates an IIRFilterNode, which represents a general infinite impulse response (IIR) filter which can be configured to serve as various types of filter.


var iirFilter = AudioContext.createIIRFilter(feedforward, feedback);


An array of floating-point values specifying the feedforward (numerator) coefficients for the transfer function of the IIR filter. The maximum length of this array is 20, and at least one value must be nonzero.
An array of floating-point values specifying the feedback (denominator) coefficients for the transfer function of the IIR filter. This array may have up to 20 members, the first of which must not be zero.

Return value

An IIRFilterNode implementing the filter with the specified feedback and feedforward coefficient arrays.


All of the feedforward coefficients are 0, and/or the first feedback coefficient is 0.
One or both of the input arrays exceeds 20 members.


Specification Status Comment
Web Audio API
The definition of 'createIIRFilter()' in that specification.
Working Draft  

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