The AudioScheduledSourceNode interface—part of the Web Audio API—is a parent interface for several types of audio source node interfaces which share the ability to be started and stopped, optionally at specified times. Specifically, this interface defines the start() and stop() methods, as well as the ended event.

Note: You can't create an AudioScheduledSourceNode object directly. Instead, use an interface which extends it, such as AudioBufferSourceNode, OscillatorNode or ConstantSourceNode.

Unless stated otherwise, nodes based upon AudioScheduledSourceNode output silence when not playing (that is, before start() is called and after stop() is called). Silence is represented, as always, by a stream of samples with the value zero (0).

EventTarget AudioNode AudioScheduledSourceNode

Instance properties

Inherits properties from its parent interface, AudioNode.

Instance methods

Inherits methods from its parent interface, AudioNode, and adds the following methods:


Schedules the node to begin playing the constant sound at the specified time. If no time is specified, the node begins playing immediately.


Schedules the node to stop playing at the specified time. If no time is specified, the node stops playing at once.


Listen to these events using addEventListener() or by assigning an event listener to the oneventname property of this interface:


Fired when the source node has stopped playing, either because it's reached a predetermined stop time, the full duration of the audio has been performed, or because the entire buffer has been played.


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