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    The maxDecibels property of the AnalyserNode interface Is a double value representing the maximum power value in the scaling range for the FFT analysis data, for conversion to unsigned byte/float values — basically, this specifies the maximum value for the range of results when using getFloatFrequencyData() or getByteFrequencyData().

    The maxDecibels property's default value is -30.

    Note:  If a value smaller than AnalyserNode.minDecibels is set, an INDEX_SIZE_ERR exception is thrown.


    var audioCtx = new AudioContext();
    var analyser = audioCtx.createAnalyser();
    analyser.maxDecibels = -10;


    A double.


    The following example shows basic usage of an AudioContext to create an AnalyserNode, then requestAnimationFrame and <canvas> to collect frequency data repeatedly and draw a "winamp bargraph style" output of the current audio input. For more complete applied examples/information, check out our Voice-change-O-matic demo (see app.js lines 128–205 for relevant code).

    var audioCtx = new (window.AudioContext || window.webkitAudioContext)();
    var analyser = audioCtx.createAnalyser();
    analyser.minDecibels = -90;
    analyser.maxDecibels = -10;
    analyser.fftSize = 256;
    var bufferLength = analyser.frequencyBinCount;
    var dataArray = new Uint8Array(bufferLength);
    canvasCtx.clearRect(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT);
    function draw() {
      drawVisual = requestAnimationFrame(draw);
      canvasCtx.fillStyle = 'rgb(0, 0, 0)';
      canvasCtx.fillRect(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT);
      var barWidth = (WIDTH / bufferLength) * 2.5;
      var barHeight;
      var x = 0;
      for(var i = 0; i < bufferLength; i++) {
        barHeight = dataArray[i];
        canvasCtx.fillStyle = 'rgb(' + (barHeight+100) + ',50,50)';
        x += barWidth + 1;


    Specification Status Comment
    Web Audio API
    The definition of 'maxDecibels' in that specification.
    Working Draft  

    Browser compatibility

    Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
    Basic support 10.0webkit 25.0 (25.0)  Not supported 15.0webkit
    22 (unprefixed)
    Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile Chrome for Android
    Basic support ? 26.0 1.2 ? ? ? 33.0

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