A BrowserSetting object that can be used to enable or disable the ability of web pages to open popups in response to user actions.

The underlying value is a boolean.

By default, browsers allow web pages to open popups in response to a particular set of events: for example, click, mouseup, submit. If allowPopupsForUserEvents is set to false, no user events will be able to open popups. If it is set to true, the default set of events will be allowed to open popups.

For example, suppose a web page has code like this:

window.addEventListener("click", (e) => {"", "myPopup", "height=400,width=400");

By default, this will open a popup window. If your extension sets allowPopupsForUserEvents to false, then it will not open a popup, and the user will be informed that the popup was blocked.

Browser compatibility

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Toggle the setting:

function toggleAllowPopup() {
  function toggle(current) {
    console.log(`Current value: ${current.value}`);
      value: !current.value,


browser.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(() => {