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    Design and Accessibility

    This competency demonstrates skill in communicating effectively and universally through Web resources. To help you understand the various parts of this stack, we split the competency into detailed component skills.

    Basic skills

    Start here if you're unfamiliar with the Web. We also suggest you turn to ouglossary for help understanding Web jargon.

    Anatomy of a webpage
    There's a reason we talk about web design. You start out with a blank page, and you can take it so many directions. And if you don't have much experience, starting out with a blank page might be a bit scary. We have over 25 years' experience and we'll give you some common rules of thumb to help you design your site.
    Design for all types of users 101
    When you're building a website, one top issue to consider is Universal Design: accommodating all users regardless of disability, technical constraints, culture, location, and so on.
    What is accessibility?
    Because of physical or technical limitations, maybe your visitors can't experience your website the way you hoped. In this article we give general accessibility principles and explain a few rules.

    Intermediate skills

    Once you get used to the Web, here are some details you can dive into:

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    Advance skills

    If you are an experienced web author, you might be interested in some specific or uncommon skills.

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