Window: showSaveFilePicker() method

Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
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The showSaveFilePicker() method of the Window interface shows a file picker that allows a user to save a file. Either by selecting an existing file, or entering a name for a new file.




options Optional

An object containing options, which are as follows:


A boolean value that defaults to false. By default, the picker should include an option to not apply any file type filters (instigated with the type option below). Setting this option to true means that option is not available.


A String. The suggested file name.


An Array of allowed file types to save. Each item is an object with the following options:


An optional description of the category of files types allowed.


An Object with the keys set to the MIME type and the values an Array of file extensions (see below for an example).

Return value

A Promise whose fulfillment handler receives a FileSystemFileHandle object.



Thrown if the user dismisses the file picker without selecting or inputting a file, or if the user agent deems any selected files too sensitive or dangerous.


Transient user activation is required. The user has to interact with the page or a UI element in order for this feature to work.


The following function shows a file picker, with text files highlighted for selection.

async function getNewFileHandle() {
  const opts = {
    types: [
        description: "Text file",
        accept: { "text/plain": [".txt"] },
  return await window.showSaveFilePicker(opts);


File System Access
# api-showsavefilepicker

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