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The XRCubeLayer interface of the WebXR Device API is a layer that renders directly from a cubemap and projects it onto the inside faces of a cube.

XRCubeLayer requires the layers feature to be enabled for the XRSession. You can request it in XRSystem.requestSession().

To create a new XRCubeLayer, call XRWebGLBinding.createCubeLayer().

To present layers to the XR device, add them to the layers render state using XRSession.updateRenderState().

EventTarget XRLayer XRCompositionLayer XRCubeLayer

Instance properties

Inherits properties from its parent, XRCompositionLayer.

XRCubeLayer.space Experimental

An XRSpace representing the layer's spatial relationship with the user's physical environment.

XRCubeLayer.orientation Experimental

A DOMPointReadOnly representing the orientation relative to the space property.

Instance methods

Inherits methods from its parents, XRCompositionLayer and EventTarget.


redraw Experimental

Sent to the XRCubeLayer object when the underlying resources of the layer are lost or when the XR Compositor can no longer reproject the layer. If this event is sent, authors should redraw the content of the layer in the next XR animation frame.


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# xcubelayertype

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