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A WebXR Device API XRFrame object is passed into the requestAnimationFrame() callback function and provides access to the information needed in order to render a single frame of animation for an XRSession describing a VR or AR sccene. Events which communicate the tracking state of objects also provide an XRFrame reference as part of their structure.

In addition to providing a reference to the XRSession for which this frame is to be rendered, the getViewerPose() method is provided to obtain the XRViewerPose describing the viewer's position and orientation in space, and getPose() can be used to create an XRPose describing the relative position of one XRSpace relative to another.


session Read only
The XRSession that for which this XRFrame describes the tracking details for all objects. The information about a specific object can be obtained by calling one of the methods on the object.


Returns an XRPose object representing the spatial relationship between the two specified XRSpace objects.
Returns an XRViewerPose describing the viewer's position and orientation in a given XRReferenceSpace.


WebXR Device API
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