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The XRCompositionLayer interface of the WebXR Device API is a base class that defines a set of common properties and behaviors for WebXR layer types. It is not constructable on its own.

Several layer types inherit from XRCompositionLayer:

XRCompositionLayer itself inherits from the general XRLayer class (which inherits from EventTarget).

EventTarget XRLayer XRCompositionLayer

Instance properties

XRCompositionLayer.blendTextureSourceAlpha Experimental

A boolean enabling the layer's texture alpha channel.

XRCompositionLayer.layout Read only Experimental

The layout type of the layer.

XRCompositionLayer.mipLevels Read only Experimental

The number of mip levels in the color and texture data for the layer.

XRCompositionLayer.needsRedraw Read only Experimental

A boolean signaling that the layer should be re-rendered in the next frame.

Instance methods

Inherits methods from its parent, EventTarget.

XRCompositionLayer.destroy() Experimental

Deletes the underlying layer attachments.


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# xrcompositionlayertype

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