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The XRDepthInformation interface contains information about the distance from the user's device to the real-world geometry in the user's environment.

This interface is the parent of:


Depth information from the CPU (returned by XRFrame.getDepthInformation()).


Depth information from WebGL (returned by XRWebGLBinding.getDepthInformation()).

You will usually interact with these child interfaces. However, XRDepthInformation provides some useful properties that are inherited:

Instance properties

XRDepthInformation.height Read only Experimental

Contains the height of the depth buffer (number of rows).

XRDepthInformation.normDepthBufferFromNormView Read only Experimental

An XRRigidTransform that needs to be applied when indexing into the depth buffer. The transformation that the matrix represents changes the coordinate system from normalized view coordinates to normalized depth-buffer coordinates that can then be scaled by depth buffer's width and height to obtain the absolute depth-buffer coordinates.

XRDepthInformation.rawValueToMeters Read only Experimental

Contains the scale factor by which the raw depth values must be multiplied in order to get the depths in meters.

XRDepthInformation.width Read only Experimental

Contains the width of the depth buffer (number of columns).

Instance methods




WebXR Depth Sensing Module
# xrdepthinformation

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