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The XRQuadLayer interface of the WebXR Device API is a layer that takes up a flat rectangular space in the virtual environment. An XRQuadLayer has no thickness. It is a two-dimensional object positioned and oriented in 3D space. The position of a quad refers to the center of the quad. Only the front of the layer is visible.

XRQuadLayer requires the layers feature to be enabled for the XRSession. You can request it in XRSystem.requestSession().

To create a new XRQuadLayer, call either:

To present layers to the XR device, add them to the layers render state using XRSession.updateRenderState().

EventTarget XRLayer XRCompositionLayer XRQuadLayer


Inherits properties from its parent, XRCompositionLayer.


Represents the height of the layer in meters.


An XRSpace representing the layer's spatial relationship with the user's physical environment.


An XRRigidTransform representing the offset and orientation relative to space.


Represents the width of the layer in meters.


Inherits methods from its parents, XRCompositionLayer and EventTarget.



Sent to the XRQuadLayer object when the underlying resources of the layer are lost or when the XR Compositor can no longer reproject the layer. If this event is sent, authors should redraw the content of the layer in the next XR animation frame.


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