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The XRRenderState interface of the WebXR Device API contains configurable values which affect how the imagery generated by an XRSession gets composited. These properties include the range of distances from the viewer within which content should be rendered, the vertical field of view (for inline presentations), and a reference to the XRWebGLLayer being used as the target for rendering the scene prior to it being presented on the XR device's display or displays.

When you apply changes using the XRSession method updateRenderState(), the specified changes take effect after the current animation frame has completed, but before the next one begins.

Instance properties

XRRenderState.baseLayer Read only Experimental

The XRWebGLLayer from which the browser's compositing system obtains the image for the XR session.

XRRenderState.depthFar Read only Experimental

The distance, in meters, of the far clip plane from the viewer. The far clip plane is the plane which is parallel to the display beyond which rendering of the scene no longer takes place. This, essentially, specifies the maximum distance the user can see.

XRRenderState.depthNear Read only Experimental

The distance, in meters, of the near clip plane from the viewer. The near clip plane is the plane, parallel to the display, at which rendering of the scene begins. Any closer to the viewer than this, and no portions of the scene are drawn.

XRRenderState.inlineVerticalFieldOfView Read only Experimental

The default vertical field of view, defined in radians, to use when the session is in inline mode. null for all immersive sessions.

XRRenderState.layers Read only Experimental

An ordered array containing XRLayer objects that are displayed by the XR compositor.


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