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The WebXR Device API interface XRReferenceSpaceEvent represents an event sent to an XRReferenceSpace. Currently, the only event that uses this type is the reset event.

Event XRReferenceSpaceEvent



Returns a new XRReferenceSpaceEvent with the specified type and configuration.

Instance properties

In addition to inheriting the properties available on the parent interface, Event, XRReferenceSpaceEvent objects include the following properties:

referenceSpace Read only

An XRReferenceSpace indicating the reference space that generated the event.

transform Read only

An XRRigidTransform object indicating the position and orientation of the specified referenceSpace's native origin after the event, defined relative to the coordinate system before the event.

Instance methods

While XRReferenceSpaceEvent does not define any methods, it inherits the methods of its parent interface, Event.

Event types

reset Secure context

The reset event is sent to a reference space when its native origin is changed due to a discontinuity, recalibration, or device reset. This is an opportunity for your app to update any stored transforms, position/orientation information, or the like—or to dump any cached values based on the reference's space's origin so you can recompute them as needed.


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