XRWebGLBinding: createCubeLayer() method

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The createCubeLayer() method of the XRWebGLBinding interface returns an XRCubeLayer object, which is a layer that renders directly from a cubemap, and projects it onto the inside faces of a cube.





An object to configure the XRCubeLayer. It must have the space, viewPixelHeight, and viewPixelWidth properties. init has the following properties:

colorFormat Optional

A GLenum defining the data type of the color texture data. Possible values:

  • gl.RGB
  • gl.RGBA (Default) Additionally, for contexts with the EXT_sRGB extension enabled:
  • ext.SRGB_EXT
  • ext.SRGB_ALPHA_EXT Additionally, for WebGL2RenderingContext contexts:
  • gl.RGBA8
  • gl.RGB8
  • gl.SRGB8
  • gl.RGB8_ALPHA8 Additionally, for contexts with the WEBGL_compressed_texture_etc extension enabled:
  • ext.COMPRESSED_SRGB8_ALPHA8_ETC2_EAC Additionally, for contexts with the WEBGL_compressed_texture_astc extension enabled:
  • All of the formats the extension supports.
depthFormat Optional

A GLenum defining the data type of the depth texture data or 0 indicating that the layer should not provide a depth texture. (In that case XRProjectionLayer.ignoreDepthValues will be true.) Possible values for WebGLRenderingContext contexts with the WEBGL_depth_texture extension enabled, or for WebGL2RenderingContext contexts (no extension required):

  • gl.DEPTH_COMPONENT (Default)
  • gl.DEPTH_STENCIL Additionally, for WebGL2RenderingContext contexts:
  • gl.DEPTH24_STENCIL24
isStatic Optional

A boolean that, if true, indicates you can only draw to this layer when needsRedraw is true. The default value is false.


A string indicating the layout of the layer. Possible values:

  • default: The layer accommodates all views of the session.
  • mono: A single XRSubImage is allocated and presented to both eyes.
  • stereo: The user agent decides how it allocates the XRSubImage (one or two) and the layout (top/bottom or left/right).
  • stereo-left-right: A single XRSubImage is allocated. The left eye gets the left area of the texture, the right eye the right.
  • stereo-top-bottom: A single XRSubImage is allocated. The left eye gets the top area of the texture, the right eye the bottom. The default value is mono.
mipLevels Optional

A number specifying the desired number of mip levels. The default value is 1.

orientation Optional

A DOMPointReadOnly specifying the orientation relative to the space property.

space Required

An XRSpace object defining the layer's spatial relationship with the user's physical environment.

viewPixelHeight Required

A number specifying the pixel height of the layer view.

viewPixelWidth Required

A number specifying the pixel width of the layer view.

Return value

An XRCubeLayer object.


Creating an XRCubeLayer

Configure the cube layer using the properties listed above in a call to createCubeLayer(). To present layers to the XR device, add them to the layers render state using XRSession.updateRenderState().

function onXRSessionStarted(xrSession) {
  const glCanvas = document.createElement("canvas");
  const gl = glCanvas.getContext("webgl2", { xrCompatible: true });
  const xrGlBinding = new XRWebGLBinding(xrSession, gl);
  const cubeLayer = xrGlBinding.createCubeLayer({
    space: xrReferenceSpace,
    viewPixelHeight: 512,
    viewPixelWidth: 512,
    layers: [cubeLayer],


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# dom-xrwebglbinding-createcubelayer

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