Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The XRProjectionLayer interface of the WebXR Device API is a layer that fills the entire view of the observer and is refreshed close to the device's native frame rate.

XRProjectionLayer is supported by all XRSession objects (no layers feature descriptor is needed).

To create a new XRProjectionLayer, call XRWebGLBinding.createProjectionLayer(). To present layers to the XR device, add them to the layers render state using XRSession.updateRenderState().

XRProjectionLayer objects don't have an associated XRSpace, because they render to the full frame.

EventTarget XRLayer XRCompositionLayer XRProjectionLayer


Inherits properties from its parent, XRCompositionLayer.


A boolean enabling the layer's texture alpha channel.


A boolean enabling optical chromatic aberration correction for the layer if the device supports it, null otherwise.


A number indicating the amount of foveation used by the XR compositor for the layer. Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) renders the edges of the eye textures at a lower resolution than the center and reduces the GPU load.

XRProjectionLayer.ignoreDepthValues Read only

A boolean indicating that the XR compositor is not making use of depth buffer values when rendering the layer.

XRCompositionLayer.layout Read only

The layout type of the layer.

XRCompositionLayer.mipLevels Read only

The actual number of mip levels in the color and texture data for the layer.

XRCompositionLayer.needsRedraw Read only

A boolean signaling that the layer should be re-rendered in the next frame.

XRProjectionLayer.textureArrayLength Read only

The layer's layer count for array textures when using texture-array as the textureType.

XRProjectionLayer.textureHeight Read only

The height in pixels of the color textures of this layer.

XRProjectionLayer.textureWidth Read only

The width in pixels of the color textures of this layer.


Inherits methods from its parents, XRCompositionLayer and EventTarget.


Registers an event handler of a specific event type on the EventTarget.


Deletes the underlying layer attachments.


Dispatches an event to this EventTarget.


Removes an event listener from the EventTarget.


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