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The label read-only property of the GPURenderBundle interface is a string providing a label that can be used to identify the object, for example in GPUError messages or console warnings.

This can be set by providing a label property in the descriptor object passed into the originating GPURenderBundleEncoder.finish() call, or you can get and set it directly on the GPURenderBundle object.


A string. If no label value has previously been set, getting the label returns an empty string.


Setting and getting a label via GPURenderBundle.label:

const renderBundle = renderBundleEncoder.finish();

renderBundle.label = "myrenderbundle";
console.log(renderBundle.label); // "myrenderbundle"

Setting a label via the originating GPURenderBundleEncoder.finish() call, and then getting it via GPURenderBundle.label:

const renderBundle = renderBundleEncoder.finish({
  label: "myrenderbundle",

console.log(renderBundle.label); // "myrenderbundle"


# dom-gpuobjectbase-label

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