The state of this browser window.


Values of this type are strings. Possible values are:


The window is at the default size or user-selected size.


The window is only visible as an icon in the taskbar or .


The window fills the screen on which it is displayed not including any screen areas reserved by the operating system.


The window is running as a full screen application or content in a tab is using the Fullscreen API


A docked window occupies a fixed position relative to other windows owned by the same application.

macOS compatibility: Beginning in macOS 10.10, the default maximizing behavior for windows changed to run applications as full screen applications instead of "zoomed" windows. fullscreen refers to both the browser running as a full screen application and when content in a tab uses the Fullscreen API.

Browser compatibility

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Note: This API is based on Chromium's API. This documentation is derived from windows.json in the Chromium code.