Cause of the navigation: for example, the user clicked a link, or typed an address, or clicked a bookmark.

Note that many values here are not currently supported in Firefox: see the browser compatibility table for details.


Values of this type are strings. Possible values are:

The user clicked a link in another page.


The user typed the URL into the address bar. This is also used if the user started typing into the address bar, then selected a URL from the suggestions it offered. See also "generated".


The user clicked a bookmark or an item in the browser history.


Any nested iframes that are automatically loaded by their parent.


Any nested iframes that are loaded as an explicit user action. Loading such an iframe will generate an entry in the back/forward navigation list.


The user started typing in the address bar, then clicked on a suggested entry that didn't contain a URL.


The page was passed to the command line or is the start page.


The user submitted a form. Note that in some situations, such as when a form uses a script to submit its contents, submitting a form does not result in this transition type.


The user reloaded the page, using the Reload button or by pressing Enter in the address bar. This is also used for session restore and reopening closed tabs.


The URL was generated using a keyword search configured by the user.


Corresponds to a visit generated for a keyword.

Browser compatibility

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Note: This API is based on Chromium's chrome.webNavigation API. This documentation is derived from web_navigation.json in the Chromium code.