Reload a tab, optionally bypassing the local web cache.

This is an asynchronous function that returns a Promise.


let reloading = browser.tabs.reload(
  tabId,            // optional integer
  reloadProperties  // optional object


tabId Optional

integer. The ID of the tab to reload. Defaults to the selected tab of the current window.

reloadProperties Optional

An object with the following properties:

bypassCache Optional

boolean. Bypass the local web cache. Default is false.

Return value

A Promise that will be fulfilled with no arguments when the tab has been reloaded. If any error occurs, the promise will be rejected with an error message.


Reload the active tab of the current window:


Reload the active tab of the current window, bypassing the cache:

browser.tabs.reload({bypassCache: true});

Reload the tab whose ID is 2, bypassing the cache and calling a callback when done:

function onReloaded() {

function onError(error) {
  console.log(`Error: ${error}`);

let reloading = browser.tabs.reload(2, {bypassCache: true});
reloading.then(onReloaded, onError);

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Note: This API is based on Chromium's chrome.tabs API. This documentation is derived from tabs.json in the Chromium code.