Hide all default Firefox menu items in favor of providing a custom context menu UI.

The overrideContext method will cause the matching menu items from this extension to be shown instead of the default menu. This method should be called from a contextmenu DOM event handler, and only applies to the menu that opens after this event.

This interface requires the menus.overrideContext permission.


  contextOptions // object


object. Options for how the context menus will be overridden.
showDefaults Optional
boolean. Whether to also include default menu items in the menu.
context Optional
string. ContextType to override, to allow menu items from other extensions in the menu. Currently only 'bookmark' and 'tab' are supported. showDefaults cannot be used with this option.
bookmarkId Optional
string. Required when context is 'bookmark'. Requires 'bookmark' permission.
tabId Optional
integer. Required when context is 'tab'. Requires 'tabs' permission.


Open the tab context menu on your custom UI, in this case :

document.addEventListener('contextmenu', event => {
  const foo ='.foo');
  if (foo) {
    // When the context menu is opened on an element with the foo class
    // set the context to "opening a tab context menu".
      context: 'tab',
      tabId: parseInt(foo.dataset.tabId)
}, { capture: true });

See this blog post for more details.