Returns the element for a given targetElementId

This method is available to all extension script contexts (content scripts, background pages and other extension pages) and returns the element for a given info.targetElementId, provided that the element still exists in the document where the method is invoked.

The method only works in the document that includes the right-clicked element and the targetElementId expires when the user opens another context menu.

Note: menus.getTargetElement only return the requested element if called in the same context as the document that contains the element, for example using content scripts (as shown in the example below).

An extension requires the "menus" permission to use this API.


let elem = browser.menus.getTargetElement(targetElementId);



The property of the menus.OnClickData object passed to the menus.onClicked handler or menus.onShown event.

Return value

The element referred to by the targetElementId parameter. If the targetElementId parameter is not valid, the method returns null.


The following example uses the getTargetElement method to get the element referred to by the info.targetElementId property and then removes it.

  title: "Remove element",
  documentUrlPatterns: ["*://*/*"],
  contexts: [
  onclick(info, tab) {
    browser.tabs.executeScript(, {
      frameId: info.frameId,
      code: `browser.menus.getTargetElement(${info.targetElementId}).remove();`,

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