A BrowserSetting object that can be used to control the position of newly opened tabs relative to already open tabs.

The underlying value is a string that can take one of three values:

  • "afterCurrent": Open all new tabs next to the current tab.
  • "relatedAfterCurrent": The default. Open new tabs next to the current tab if they are related to the current tab (for example, if they were opened via a link in the current tab). Otherwise, open new tabs at the end of the tabstrip.
  • "atEnd": Open all tabs at the end of the tabstrip.

Browser compatibility

No compatibility data found. Please contribute data for "webextensions.api.browserSettings.newTabPosition" (depth: 10) to the MDN compatibility data repository.


This code sets the value to "afterCurrent" and then logs the new value:

async function setAfterCurrent() {
  let result = await browser.browserSettings.newTabPosition.set({value: "afterCurrent"});
  console.log(`Result: ${result}`);
  let newValue = await browser.browserSettings.newTabPosition.get({});
  console.log(`New value: ${newValue.value}`);

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