Object() constructor

The Object constructor turns the input into an object. Its behavior depends on the input's type.

  • If the value is null or undefined, it will create and return an empty object.
  • Otherwise, it will return an object of a Type that corresponds to the given value.
  • If the value is an object already, it will return the value.

When called in a non-constructor context, Object behaves identically to new Object().


new Object()
new Object(value)



Any value.


Creating a new Object

const o = new Object();
o.foo = 42;

// Object { foo: 42 }

Using Object given undefined and null types

The following examples store an empty Object object in o:

const o = new Object();
const o = new Object(undefined);
const o = new Object(null);


ECMAScript Language Specification
# sec-object-constructor

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