Permissions-Policy: compute-pressure

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
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The HTTP Permissions-Policy header compute-pressure directive controls access to the Compute Pressure API.


Permissions-Policy: compute-pressure=<allowlist>;

A list of origins for which permission is granted to use the feature. See Permissions-Policy > Syntax for more details.

Default policy

The default allowlist for compute-pressure is self allowing usage in same-origin nested frames but preventing third-party content from using the feature. Workers (dedicated and shared) adhere to the permission policy set by their owning document(s).


Enabling compute pressure on third-party content

Third-party usage can be selectively enabled using the allow attribute on <iframe> elements:

<iframe src="" allow="compute-pressure"></iframe>

Disabling the Compute Pressure API completely

This HTTP response header disables compute pressure completely:

Permissions-Policy: {"compute-pressure": []}


Compute Pressure Level 1
# policy-control

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