XRProjectionLayer: ignoreDepthValues property

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The read-only ignoreDepthValues property of the XRProjectionLayer interface is a boolean indicating if the XR compositor is not making use of depth buffer values when rendering the layer.


A boolean. true indicates the XR compositor doesn't make use of depth buffer values; false indicates the content of the depth buffer will be used when rendering the layer.


Ignoring depth values

If the depthFormat option is 0 when creating a projection layer, the ignoreDepthValues property will be true. See also XRWebGLBinding.createProjectionLayer().

let glProjectionLayer = xrGLBinding.createProjectionLayer({
  depthFormat: 0,

glProjectionLayer.ignoreDepthValues; // true


WebXR Layers API Level 1
# dom-xrprojectionlayer-ignoredepthvalues

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