The HTMLImageElement property isMap is a Boolean value which indicates that the image is to be used by a server-side image map. This may only be used on images located within an <a> element.

Note: For accessibility reasons, you should generally avoid using server-side image maps, as they require the use of a mouse. Use a client-side image map instead.


htmlImageElement.isMap = true|false;
let isMap = htmlImageElement.isMap;


A Boolean value which is true if the image is being used for a server-side image map; otherwise, the value is false.

Usage notes

When an image marked as being part of a server-side image map is clicked, the browser constructs the string "?x,y", where x and y indicate the coordinates at which the mouse was clicked as offsets from the top-left corner of the image, specified in CSS pixels.

The browser then fetches that URL from the server and displays or downloads it depending on the value of the download attribute.

Unlike server-side image maps, client-side image maps don't cause the <img> element to adopt interactive content mode.


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'HTMLImageElement.isMap' in that specification.
Living Standard

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