GPUShaderModule: getCompilationInfo() method

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The getCompilationInfo() method of the GPUShaderModule interface returns a Promise that fulfills with a GPUCompilationInfo object containing messages generated during the GPUShaderModule's compilation.





Return value

A Promise that fulfills with a GPUCompilationInfo object.

GPUCompilationInfo contains a messages property, which is an array of GPUCompilationMessage objects, each one containing the details of an individual compilation message.


In the example below, we have deliberately left a parenthesis out of a function declaration in our shader code:

const shaders = `
struct VertexOut {
  @builtin(position) position : vec4f,
  @location(0) color : vec4f

fn vertex_main(@location(0) position: vec4f,
               @location(1) color: vec4f -> VertexOut
  var output : VertexOut;
  output.position = position;
  output.color = color;
  return output;

fn fragment_main(fragData: VertexOut) -> @location(0) vec4f
  return fragData.color;

When we compile the shader module, we use getCompilationInfo() to grab some information about the resulting error:

async function init() {
  // ...

  const shaderModule = device.createShaderModule({
    code: shaders,

  const shaderInfo = await shaderModule.getCompilationInfo();
  const firstMessage = shaderInfo.messages[0];

  console.log(firstMessage.lineNum); // 9
  console.log(firstMessage.message); // "expected ')' for function declaration"
  console.log(firstMessage.type); // "error"

  // ...


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