The EXT_disjoint_timer_query.getQueryObjectEXT() method of the WebGL API returns the state of a query object.


any ext.getQueryObjectEXT(query, pname);


A WebGLTimerQueryEXT object from which to return information.
A GLenum specifying which information to return. Must be ext.QUERY_RESULT_EXT or ext.QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE_EXT.

Return value

Depends on pname:

  • If pname is ext.QUERY_RESULT_EXT: A GLuint64EXT containing the query result.
  • If pname is ext.QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE_EXT: A GLboolean indicating whether or not a query result is available.


var ext = gl.getExtension("EXT_disjoint_timer_query");
var query = ext.createQueryEXT();
ext.beginQueryEXT(ext.TIME_ELAPSED_EXT, query);

// ... drawing ...


// At some point in the future, after returning control to the browser
var available = ext.getQueryObjectEXT(query, ext.QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE_EXT);
var disjoint = gl.getParamater(ext.GPU_DISJOINT_EXT);

if (available && !disjoint) {
  // See how much time the rendering of the object took in nanoseconds.
  var timeElapsed = ext.getQueryObjectEXT(query, ext.QUERY_RESULT_EXT);


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'EXT_disjoint_timer_query' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support ? 41 (41) [1] ? ? ?
Feature Android Chrome for Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support ? ? ? ? ? ?

[1] Toggling the webgl.enable-draft-extensions preference in about:config is required.

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