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applications No151





author Yes1425252 Yes
background Yes1434848 Yes
background.persistent Yes14 No No Yes
browser_action Yes4144855 Yes4
browser_action.browser_style No No48 No No
browser_action.default_area No No554 No No
browser_action.default_icon Yes6146 748 No Yes6
browser_action.default_popup Yes144857 Yes
browser_action.default_title Yes1448558 Yes
browser_action.theme_icons No No56 No No
chrome_settings_overrides Yes No55 No No
chrome_settings_overrides.homepage Yes No55 No No
chrome_settings_overrides.search_provider Yes No55 No No
chrome_settings_overrides.startup_pages Yes No No No No
chrome_url_overrides Yes No54 No No
chrome_url_overrides.newtab Yes9 No549 No No
chrome_url_overrides.bookmarks Yes No No No No
chrome_url_overrides.history Yes No No No No
commands Yes No48 No Yes
commands.F1-F12 Yes No53 No Yes
commands._execute_sidebar_action No No54 No No Yes No No No Yes
commands.MediaNextTrack Yes No No No Yes
commands.MediaPlayPause Yes No No No Yes
commands.MediaPrevTrack Yes No No No Yes
commands.MediaStop Yes No No No Yes
content_scripts Yes101448114811 Yes10
content_scripts.match_about_blank Yes145252 Yes
content_security_policy Yes141248134813 Yes
default_locale Yes144848 Yes
description Yes144848 Yes
developer No No5252 Yes
devtools_page Yes No54 No Yes
externally_connectable Yes No No14 No Yes
homepage_url Yes No4848 Yes
icons Yes144848 Yes
incognito Yes No4848 Yes
incognito.split Yes17 No No Yes
incognito.not_allowed Yes17 No No Yes
manifest_version Yes144848 Yes
name Yes144848 Yes
omnibox Yes No52 No Yes
optional_permissions Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: activeTab No No5555 No
optional_permissions: background Yes No No No Yes
optional_permissions: bookmarks Yes No55 No Yes
optional_permissions: browserSettings No No5757 No
optional_permissions: clipboardRead Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: clipboardWrite Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: contentSettings Yes No No No Yes
optional_permissions: contextMenus Yes No No No Yes
optional_permissions: cookies Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: debugger Yes No No No Yes
optional_permissions: downloads No No6060 No
optional_permissions: No No6060 No
optional_permissions: find No No57 No No
optional_permissions: geolocation No No5555 No
optional_permissions: history Yes No55 No Yes
optional_permissions: idle Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: management Yes No No No Yes
optional_permissions: notifications Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: pageCapture Yes No No No Yes
optional_permissions: tabs Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: topSites Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: webNavigation Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: webRequest Yes No5555 Yes
optional_permissions: webRequestBlocking Yes No5555 Yes
options_page Yes14 No No15
options_ui40 No48572715
options_ui.browser_style4016 No55572716
options_ui.open_in_tab40 No4857 No

Yes17 6


146 748 Yes Yes17 6
page_action.browser_style No No48 No No
page_action.hide_matches No No5959 No
page_action.show_matches No No5959 No
permissions Yes144848 Yes
permissions: activeTab Yes No4848 Yes
permissions: alarms Yes No4548 Yes
permissions: background10 No No No No
permissions: bookmarks Yes1545 No Yes
permissions: browserSettings No No5656 No
permissions: browsingData Yes No5356 Yes
permissions: clipboardRead Yes No5454 Yes
permissions: clipboardWrite Yes No5151 Yes
permissions: contentSettings Yes No No No Yes
permissions: contextMenus Yes145519 No Yes
permissions: contextualIdentities No No5353 No
permissions: cookies Yes144548 Yes
permissions: debugger Yes No No No Yes
permissions: dns No No6060 No
permissions: downloads Yes No4748 Yes
permissions: Yes No4848 Yes
permissions: find No No57 No No
permissions: geolocation Yes145454 Yes
permissions: history Yes No49 No Yes
permissions: identity Yes No53 No Yes
permissions: idle Yes154548 Yes
permissions: management Yes No5151 Yes
permissions: menus No No53 No No
permissions: nativeMessaging291550 No16
permissions: notifications5 No454825
permissions: pageCapture Yes No No No Yes
permissions: pkcs11 No No58 No No
permissions: privacy Yes No5454 Yes
permissions: proxy No No5555 No
permissions: sessions Yes No52 No Yes
permissions: storage Yes144548 Yes
permissions: tabs Yes144554 Yes
permissions: theme No No55 No No
permissions: topSites Yes No5252 Yes
permissions: unlimitedStorage Yes145656 No
permissions: webNavigation Yes14454817
permissions: webRequest Yes144548 Yes
permissions: webRequestBlocking Yes144548 Yes
protocol_handlers No No5454 No
protocol_handlers.dat No No5959 No
protocol_handlers.dweb No No5959 No
protocol_handlers.gopher No No5656 No
protocol_handlers.ipfs No No5959 No
protocol_handlers.ipns No No5959 No
protocol_handlers.ssb No No5959 No
short_name Yes144848 Yes
sidebar_action No No54 No30
sidebar_action.browser_style No No55 No No
sidebar_action.open_at_install No No62 No No
theme Yes No55 No No
theme.images Yes No5520 No No
theme.colors Yes No55 No No Yes No55 No No
version Yes21144848 Yes
version_name Yes No No No Yes
web_accessible_resources Yes144848 Yes

1. Supported as browser_specific_settings.

2. This key is mandatory in Microsoft Edge.

3. The 'persistent' property is mandatory.

4. If an extension defines a browser action, it is not allowed to define a page action as well.

5. Microsoft Edge instead uses the browser_action_next_to_addressbar property of the browser_specific_settings manifest key

6. SVG icons are not supported.

7. 'default_icon' must be an object, with explicit sizes.

8. Browser actions are presented as menu items, and the title is the menu item's label.

9. If two or more extensions both define a custom new tab page, then in Firefox the first extension to run wins. In Chrome the last extension wins.

10. Content scripts are not applied to tabs already open when the extension is loaded.

11. Content scripts won't be injected into empty iframes at 'document_start' even if you specify that value in 'run_at'.

12. Only the default content security policy is supported: "script-src 'self'; object-src 'self';".

13. Firefox does not support '' or 'http://localhost' as script sources: they must be served over HTTPS.

14. See bug 1319168.

15. Options pages are always opened in a separate browser tab.

16. Supported as chrome_style.

17. If an extension defines a page action, it is not allowed to define a browser action as well.

18. Since Chrome 49, page actions are displayed on the toolbar, rather than in the address bar.

19. Available as an alias to the menus permission.

20. Mandatory before Firefox 60

21. Valid Chrome versions are a subset of valid Firefox versions.


Microsoft Edge compatibility data is supplied by Microsoft Corporation and is included here under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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