The Accept-Post response HTTP header advertises which media types are accepted by the server for HTTP post requests.

Accept-Post in response to any method means that POST is allowed on the requested resource (any document/media format in the header further indicates that the document format is allowed).

For example, a server receiving a POST request with an unsupported media type could reply with 415 Unsupported Media Type and an Accept-Post header referencing one or more supported media types.

Note: An IANA registry maintains a complete list of official content encodings.

Header type Response header
Forbidden header name yes


Accept-Post: <MIME_type>/<MIME_subtype>
Accept-Post: <MIME_type>/*
Accept-Post: */*

Note: The Accept-Post header specifies a media range in the same way as Accept, except that it has no notion of preference (i.e., no q arguments). This is because Accept-Post is a response header while Accept is a request header.




Accept-Post: application/example, text/example
Accept-Post: image/webp
Accept-Post: */*


Linked Data Platform
# header-accept-post

Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility is not relevant for this header (header is sent by server, and the specification does not define client behavior).

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