The read-only Node.nodeType property is an integer that identifies what the node is. It distinguishes different kind of nodes from each other, such as elements, text and comments.


var type = node.nodeType;

Returns an integer which specifies the type of the node. Possible values are listed in Node type constants.


Node type constants

Constant Value Description
Node.ELEMENT_NODE 1 An Element node like <p> or <div>.
Node.ATTRIBUTE_NODE 2 An Attribute of an Element.
Node.TEXT_NODE 3 The actual Text inside an Element or Attr.
Node.CDATA_SECTION_NODE 4 A CDATASection, such as <!CDATA[[ … ]]>.
Node.PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE 7 A ProcessingInstruction of an XML document, such as <?xml-stylesheet … ?>.
Node.COMMENT_NODE 8 A Comment node, such as <!-- … -->.
Node.DOCUMENT_NODE 9 A Document node.
Node.DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE 10 A DocumentType node, such as <!DOCTYPE html>.
Node.DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE 11 A DocumentFragment node.

Deprecated node type constants This deprecated API should no longer be used, but will probably still work.

The following constants have been deprecated and should not be used anymore.

Constant Value Description
Node.ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE 5 An XML Entity Reference node, such as &foo;. Removed in DOM4.
Node.ENTITY_NODE 6 An XML <!ENTITY …> node. Removed in DOM4.
Node.NOTATION_NODE 12 An XML <!NOTATION …> node. Removed in DOM4.


Different types of nodes

document.nodeType === Node.DOCUMENT_NODE; // true
document.doctype.nodeType === Node.DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE; // true

document.createDocumentFragment().nodeType === Node.DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE; // true

var p = document.createElement("p");
p.textContent = "Once upon a time…";

p.nodeType === Node.ELEMENT_NODE; // true
p.firstChild.nodeType === Node.TEXT_NODE; // true


This example checks if the first node inside the document element is a comment, and displays a message if not.

var node = document.documentElement.firstChild;
if (node.nodeType !== Node.COMMENT_NODE) {
  console.warn("You should comment your code!");


Browser compatibility

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