The HTMLTableElement.createCaption() method returns the <caption> element associated with a given <table>. If no <caption> element exists on the table, this method creates it, and then returns it.

Note: If no caption exists, createCaption() inserts a new caption directly into the table. The caption does not need to be added separately as would be the case if Document.createElement() had been used to create the new <caption> element.


HTMLTableElement = table.createCaption();

Return value



This example uses JavaScript to add a caption to a table that initially lacks one.


  <tr><td>Cell 1.1</td><td>Cell 1.2</td><td>Cell 1.3</td></tr>
  <tr><td>Cell 2.1</td><td>Cell 2.2</td><td>Cell 2.3</td></tr>


let table = document.querySelector('table');
let caption = table.createCaption();
caption.textContent = 'This caption was created by JavaScript!';



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