HTMLTableElement: rows property

The read-only HTMLTableElement property rows returns a live HTMLCollection of all the rows in the table, including the rows contained within any <thead>, <tfoot>, and <tbody> elements.

Although the property itself is read-only, the returned object is live and allows the modification of its content.


An HTMLCollection providing a live-updating list of the HTMLTableRowElement objects representing all of the <tr> elements contained in the table. This provides quick access to all of the table rows, without having to manually search for them.


myrows = mytable.rows;
firstRow = mytable.rows[0];
lastRow = mytable.rows.item(mytable.rows.length - 1);

This demonstrates how you can use both indexed access and the HTMLCollection.item() method to obtain individual rows in the table.


HTML Standard
# dom-table-rows-dev

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