GPUPipelineError: GPUPipelineError() constructor

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The GPUPipelineError() constructor creates a new GPUPipelineError object instance.


new GPUPipelineError(message, options)


message Optional

A string providing a human-readable message that explains why the error occurred. If not specified, message defaults to an empty string ("").


An object, which can contain the following properties:


An enumerated value that defines the reason the pipeline creation failed in a machine-readable way. The value can be one of:

  • "internal": Pipeline creation failed because of an internal error (see GPUInternalError for more information about these kinds of error).
  • "validation": Pipeline creation failed because of a validation error (see GPUValidationError for more information about these kinds of error).


A developer would not manually use the constructor to create a GPUPipelineError object. The user agent uses this constructor to create an appropriate object when a Promise returned by a GPUDevice.createComputePipelineAsync() or GPUDevice.createRenderPipelineAsync() call rejects, signalling a pipeline failure.

See the main GPUPipelineError page for an example involving a GPUPipelineError object instance.


# dom-gpupipelineerror-constructor

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