GPUComputePipeline: getBindGroupLayout() method

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The getBindGroupLayout() method of the GPUComputePipeline interface returns the pipeline's GPUBindGroupLayout object with the given index (i.e. included in the originating GPUDevice.createComputePipeline() or GPUDevice.createComputePipelineAsync() call's pipeline layout).

If the GPUComputePipeline was created with layout: "auto", this method is the only way to retrieve the GPUBindGroupLayouts generated by the pipeline.





A number representing the index of the GPUBindGroupLayout to return.

Return value

A GPUBindGroupLayout object instance.


The following criteria must be met when calling getBindGroupLayout(), otherwise a GPUValidationError is generated and an invalid GPUBindGroupLayout object is returned:

  • index is less than the number of GPUBindGroupLayout objects used in the pipeline layout.


Note: You can see complete working examples with getBindGroupLayout() in action in the WebGPU samples.

// ...

// Create a compute pipeline using layout: "auto" to automatically generate
// appropriate bind group layouts
const computePipeline = device.createComputePipeline({
  layout: "auto",
  compute: {
    module: shaderModule,
    entryPoint: "main",

// Create a bind group with the auto-generated layout from the compute pipeline
const computeBindGroup = device.createBindGroup({
  layout: computePipeline.getBindGroupLayout(0),
  entries: [
      binding: 0,
      resource: { buffer: storageBuffer },

// ...


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