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    A reference to the object that dispatched the event. It is different than event.currentTarget when the event handler is called during the bubbling or capturing phase of the event.


    theTarget =


    The property can be used in order to implement event delegation.

    // Assuming there is a 'list' variable containing an instance of an HTML ul element.
    function hide(e) {
      // Unless list items are separated by a margin, should be different than e.currentTarget = 'hidden';
    list.addEventListener('click', hide, false);
    // If some element (<li> element or a link within an <li> element for instance) is clicked, it will disappear.
    // It only requires a single listener to do that

    Browser compatibility

    On IE6-8, the event model is different. Event listeners are attached with the non-standard element.attachEvent() method. In this model, the event object has an srcElement property, instead of the target property, and it has the same semantics as

    function hide(e) {
      // Support IE6-8
      var target = || e.srcElement; = 'hidden';


    DOM Level 2 Events:

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