The Document interface's onfullscreenchange property is an event handler for the fullscreenchange event that is fired immediately before a document transitions into or out of full-screen mode.


targetDocument.onfullscreenchange = fullscreenChangeHandler;


An event handler which is invoked whenever the document receives a fullscreenchange event, indicating that the document is transitioning into or out of full-screen mode.

Usage notes

The fullscreenchange event does not directly specify whether the transition is into or out of full-screen mode, so your event handler should look at the value of Document.fullscreenElement. If it's null, the event indicates a transition out of full-screen mode. Otherwise, the specified element is about to take over the screen.


document.onfullscreenchange = function ( event ) {
  console.log("FULL SCREEN CHANGE")
document.documentElement.onclick = function () {
  // requestFullscreen() must be in an event handler or it will fail


Specification Status Comment
Fullscreen API
The definition of 'onfullscreenchange' in that specification.
Living Standard Initial definition.

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