AudioContext: baseLatency property

The baseLatency read-only property of the AudioContext interface returns a double that represents the number of seconds of processing latency incurred by the AudioContext passing an audio buffer from the AudioDestinationNode — i.e. the end of the audio graph — into the host system's audio subsystem ready for playing.

Note: You can request a certain latency during construction time with the latencyHint option, but the browser may ignore the option.


A double representing the base latency in seconds.


// default latency ("interactive")
const audioCtx1 = new AudioContext();
console.log(audioCtx1.baseLatency); // 0.00

// higher latency ("playback")
const audioCtx2 = new AudioContext({ latencyHint: "playback" });
console.log(audioCtx2.baseLatency); // 0.15


Web Audio API
# dom-audiocontext-baselatency

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