Search terms using the specified search engine.

You can use this function to execute a search using search terms on one of the installed search engines. If the search engine name you specify doesn't exist, an error will be thrown.

By passing the tabId, you can make the search execute in a new tab or existing tab.

To get the installed search engines, use search.get().

  engineName,  // string
  searchTerms, // string
  tabId        // optional integer


string. The name of the search engine.

string. A string specifying the search terms. This is the text to search for.


integer. An optional identifier for the tab you want to execute the search in. If not passed, it will create a new tab.

Return value

This function does not have a return value. Instead, the search result is loaded into an existing or new tab.


Browser compatibility


ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
Basic support No No63 No No


Basic examples

Search for "I am looking for this" using Google:"Google", "I am looking for this");

Please note that this requires the "search" permission.

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